Corruption in the United States is at its highest level since 2012 – internationally

The level of corruption in the United States is at a nine-year high, according to a new comprehensive study of money laundering and illegal activities. Transparency International said in a January 28 statement that “there are obvious conflicts of interest and office abuse.” Forbes.

As things get worse in the United States, Covid-19 disease has exacerbated corruption, says Transparency International. The poor oversight of the $ 1 trillion compensation package for Govt-19 has caused “serious concern.”

The CARES Act on the Compensation Package, released in March, has helped inequality for millionaires by avoiding tax cuts. In an effort to secure security equipment, billions have been spent on contracts awarded without a competitive lottery process.

“Covit-19 is not just an economic and health crisis. It’s a crisis of corruption,” says Delia Ferrero Rubio, president of Transparency International. Not just in the United States: Civit-19 has sparked corruption in many countries, according to a civic body.

The government agency said only 1% of the $ 17.5 billion spent by the British government in response to the corona virus violated the fair competition quota rules. A separate statement issued on the same date stated that despite the quality and potential concerns by 2020, there will be a greater number of “ministerial orders” or “official instructions for civil servants” to continue with the same policy.

In June, the UK government provided $ 16 billion in emergency financial assistance to billionaire-controlled companies.

The UK was ranked 11th in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, one place higher than the previous year. The United States is ranked 25th, tied with Chile and two places lower than 2020.

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Denmark and New Zealand were the least corrupt countries, ranking in the top 3 along with Finland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland.

The most corrupt countries in the world

No change than last year: Somalia, South Sudan and Syria are the most corrupt states.

But the biggest concern for anti-corruption activists are the countries that have been dropped on the Corruption Perceptions Index.

Lebanon fell by five points, the worst situation last year. The eruption at the port of Beirut devastated the capital five months ago, and Transparency International says “responsibilities are still low.” The Lebanese Foreign Ministry is currently investigating money laundering and fraud at the Bank to Liban (Lebanon ‘s central bank) by Swiss officials.

What is worse is that Transparency International says there is not enough data to track some countries. They include the British Virgin Islands, which last week launched an investigation into high-level corruption and “growing evidence of organized crime,” Governor Guz Jaspert said.

Less corruption means better health systems

Transparency International agrees that focusing on countries is misleading because many corrupt practices take place within countries, not within them.

Switzerland, for example, is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. But only this year, the Alpine country has jailed a millionaire for bribery, instructed two former bankers from Julius Perry for violating money laundering rules and launched an investigation into the Lebanese central bank.

“The Corruption Perceptions coding system only captures domestic public sector issues, so it only provides a partial picture,” says Transparency International. The results of corruption are often found in countries that rank high, due to their favorable financial services.

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Governments should prevent this, says Transparency International, in order to ensure better health practices. “Countries that perform well in the index invest more in health care.”

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