Corona virus: All immigrants living in the UK will be vaccinated against COVID-19

Those from the UK who have entered the country illegally will be encouraged to register with a doctor in their area of ​​residence so they can be vaccinated when they return.

Asked about the report calling such a policy a “general amnesty”, a government spokesman said, “Corona virus vaccines will be provided free of charge to everyone living in the UK, regardless of immigration status.”

“Those registered with the GP (General Practitioner) will be contacted soon, and we will work with partners and independent organizations to contact those who are not registered with the GP and ensure that they are vaccinated,” the spokesman said.

The government has said that patients who have been vaccinated, treated or tested for the corona virus will not be screened for immigration status.

The United Kingdom has already vaccinated more than 12 million people with the first dose. The vaccine program is ahead of other European countries because the UK is the first state to recognize the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines.

The UK vaccination strategy does not make it an official priority for immigrants, but focuses first on the elderly and vulnerable.

However, some European countries have made it a priority to vaccinate refugees because newcomers to asylum centers are at risk of spreading the disease.

In Germany, asylum seekers are included in the second group of vaccinated people over the age of 70, along with police, and will begin receiving the first dose in March, according to the government’s vaccination strategy.

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