Cornerstone of the Pont de l’Arche Cultural Center

Elected local officials surrounded writer Michel Bossi, who appears to be holding a trowel and pen… (© La Dépêche de Louviers)

Toil, race and beliefs still echo in the minds of the municipality’s political and administrative leaders Pont-de-l’Arche in this sSaturday 30 October 2021. They looked lighter and more comfortable.

A cultural space for sharing

Their project this time was right at home, a project to construct the building that would be the center of culture for the city of Pont-de-l’Arche. The city council invited the writer from the area and internationally recognized, Michel Bossi.

“We imagined this project in 2010. It is long and nothing has delivered us. We did not choose simplicity by creating this new space in the heart of the city on an industrial wasteland and in a secret area”

Richard Jaquet Mayor of Pont-de-l’Arche

In his speech, he expressed powerful words: “The thrill of popular culture and openness to the greatest number, discovery, participation, imagination and creativity in this place that combines a media library, a school of music and dance, theater and a garden in the moat.” During his speech, he also expressed his desire to find the best way to live together. Instead of living ‘against each other’.

The great feelings of Michel Bossi

The Norman writer brought a touch tinged with great emotion. The man who sold 10 million novels in 36 countries recalled with great depth his childhood in Archibontan and his attachment to culture:

“Pont-de-l’Arche is my city. This cultural space is a nod to fate. 100 meters where I lived. Only in the foreground. My mother was a teacher and I learned to read in the library for everyone. I devoured about 300 books there”,

Michel BossiWriter

Michel Bossi is looking forward to being invited again to the opening of the cultural space, which is due to open in a year.

Michel Bossi’s signature

Michel Bossy’s novels are very popular in France because he is one of the writers on the bookstore platform. This Saturday, in the town hall of Pont-de-l’Arche, after the first stone of the future cultural center was laid, many people came to buy his novels and have a dedication. A book signing and sale session is possible thanks to an ephemeral bookshop run by the director of the Quai des mots de Louviers library. Michel Busy dedicated himself to the game of gifting the kindness we know to the greatest happiness of fans of the Normandy writer’s novels.

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Invest in culture

Among the elect, we note the presence of the deputy Bruno Koestel, Regional Councilor Martin Siegula, Deputy Head of Department Alexandre Rassert, Deputy Mayor of Pont de l’Arche in charge of culture Carol Hervagolt and District Councilor Marianique Dechais.

For the vice president of Eure responsible for culture in particular: “We should invest more in culture in times of crisis.”

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