Core i5-12400F arrives in stores for $222

The Core i5-12400F talks again about that. It has begun to be marketed in certain regions of the world although Intel has not yet “officially” announced it.

Next Core i5-12400F to find its way to the “general public” in Peru. The Alder Lake-S unlocked chip is $222. We are talking about “locking” in the sense that this processor does not have an unlocked multiplier, which makes it difficult to overclock. Here we are entitled to issue a “square”. The package includes a “beginner” cooler, Intel Laminar RM1.

Core i5-12400F, what do we know?

Core i5-12400F processor is equipped with six physical cores and 12 logical cores. Usually its architecture would not be mixed. It should only rely on P-Cores “Golden Cove” cores that support Hyper-Threading technology. The boost frequency for all this small world is supposed to settle at 4.40GHz.

To all this has been added a shared L3 cache of 18MB and I/O identical to that of the Core i5-12600K. Note that the presence of the letter “F” indicates that we do not have an internal graphics solution (iGPU). This processor is accompanied by a 65W thermal envelope for a TDP of 117W in turbo mode

Its official announcement next January will be accompanied by the launch of the B660 and H610 chipset.


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