Cooperation: France intends to continue and strengthen its work in the Congo in several areas

France, the first historical partner of the Congo, intends to continue and strengthen its multisectoral cooperation with the Congo in the areas of: health; The environment; economic diversification; Youth governance and culture, as well as in the fight against maritime crime through its defense and security partnership.

« Faithful to its close and long-standing partnership, France has worked, again this year, in the areas of health, higher education, vocational training, support for small and medium-sized businesses, urban planning, access to basic services, sustainable management of fisheries and forest resources, social protection for the most disadvantaged, maritime, river, air and terrestrial safety, Or even promoting Congolese culture and preserving common memory », announced the Ambassador of France to the Congo, François Barato, during the reception organized, in a small format, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

« France is ready to contribute fully, in terms of demand and responsibility, to the success of this mandate, to help the Congo write this new page in its history and realize the beautiful prospects that it entails. ‘, he confirmed.

Speaking of the theme chosen this year, within the framework of July 14, for the purpose of the upcoming COP26 conference scheduled for next November in Glasgow (UK), which is “ Combating climate change and protecting biodiversity The French diplomat indicated that his country is cooperating with Europe, “reaffirms its willingness to help the Congo make this powerful and responsible voice of Central Africa better heard in the world. »

« It is located in the heart of the basin named after him, The Republic of the Congo is, in fact, legitimate in its desire to play a major role in the emergence of the strategic vision, which integrates the conservation and enhancement of the forest basin that regulates the global climate. said the French ambassador.

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And in the field of health, he praised the strong developments that originally played a driving role in France, despite the epidemic. These include, among others, the 47th G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, held on June 11-12, which affirmed the commitment of the more developed countries, following the Act-A initiative, to have more vaccines; The Paris meeting on the financing of African economies, which the Congo heard, and which made it possible to identify the paths of the $ 300 billion that African countries need, until 2025, in order to: promote their growth in a sustainable manner; Promote women’s rights supported through Generation Equality Forum Organized in Paris from June 30 to July 2 by Mexico and France under the auspices of the United Nations; Tobira Law of May 10, 2001, which recognizes that “ The transatlantic slave trade and slavery constituted … a crime against humanity ».

François Barrato pointed out that ” The Congo has not remained isolated from the changes in the world. In a difficult context, he organized a peaceful popular consultation, at the end of which the outgoing head of state, re-elected, made a number of important commitments aimed at modernizing the functioning of the republic, strengthening an overwhelming economy dependent on the country’s oil resources. The inevitable decline and better consideration of social aspirations ».

« The new prime minister has broken it down into ambitious proposals for action, centered around good governance, a business climate, Congo’s economic diversification, and a trusting relationship with partners who respect its long-term sovereignty and independence. ‘ added the ambassador.

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