Cooperation: Congo and the United States want to strengthen their economic ties

During their first official meeting, Minister Bruno Jean Richard Itoa and US Ambassador Eugene S. Young mainly discussed the prospects of the hydrocarbon sector. The two exchanged views on how to increase investment in Congo’s oil sector, which accounts for one-third of GDP, two-thirds of budget revenues and nearly 85% of the country’s exports.

Revival of economic cooperation between the two countries requires reforms in the business environment. “One of the priorities is to improve the business environment, thanks to the sharing of experiences between our two countries. We will therefore continue to hold talks with a view to strengthening cooperation in the above areas through specific projects”. Eugene S. Young said. He also said that there are discussions on environmental protection and the fight against climate change.

Note that one of the pillars of cooperation between the Congo and the United States is the Sustainable Development Goal Grants Agreement (Doag). The Doag program actually supports the country’s development prospects as reflected in the 2022-2026 National Development Plan. Above all, it is accompanied by diversification of the national economy through agriculture, animal husbandry, eco-tourism, environmental protection, job creation, social security, etc.

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