Cooper Discoverer AT3 SPORT2, the new 4×4 tire

Cooper Tire Europe has expanded its product offerings by now introducing the Cooper Discoverer® at3 Sport 2, a new all-terrain, all-season tire.

Designed for 4×4 and SUV’s, the tire offers a balance of on-road and off-road stability.

It’s also built to handle all seasons, with 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) and M+S (Mud and Snow) for harsh winter conditions and slippery surfaces.

The main characteristics of A/T3 The Sport 2™ features a new tread mixture that improves wet grip by 3%, compared to its predecessor – the Cooper Discoverer® at3 Sport™.

Another feature of this development is the improved “C” rating in labeling for wet brakes.

The robust tread design and new blending technology provide improved cut resistance.

Cooper earned these gains as a result of an extensive testing program implemented in the UK and Texas, USA.

In addition to a better wet grip and greater resistance, the A/T3 Sport 2™ provides greater sidewall protection. New mixture protects against the effects of deterioration due to ozone and UV rays.

Finally, an unstained wall protects the white letters from fading. This means that the frame will retain its appearance throughout its life.

Cooper Tyre

Together with the new A/T3 Sport 2™, Cooper offers an efficient, year-round solution for our passenger cars and SUVs with the Cooper Discoverer® every season.

Designed to handle all weather conditions, it has a “B” rating for wet braking. These 3D lateral slats and grooves evacuate water more efficiently.

All-season silica resin technology ensures the tire has a wide temperature range.

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The advanced strap construction provides a uniform footprint for better wear.

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