Convoys to the United States | Mexico and Guatemala are cooperating to curb immigrants

(Tuxtla Gutierrez) The governments of Mexico and Guatemala have deployed police and military as part of a joint operation to halt the advance of convoys of Central American migrants trying to reach the United States.

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“The smugglers’ networks have sold them [aux migrants, NDLR] “The illusion of being able to reach the US border without any risk,” said the Mexican Commissioner in charge of immigration, Francisco Gardonio, in unveiling the operation that began on Saturday.

That is why we will strengthen our presence in this country. [Chiapas, NDLR] In order to prevent children and adolescents from being used as “passports” to reach the borders.

The Mexican state of Chiapas borders Guatemala, and migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala pass there before embarking on the long and perilous journey north to the US border.

Photo by Carlos Jasso, Reuters

Migrants walk on a railway line to the United States on March 26 in Palenque, in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

According to Mr. Gardonio, the officers will be deployed around the clock along the border with Guatemala. On the roads and freight trains, which are often used by migrants, their mission is to “maintain a regular flow of migration as well as enforce health measures to combat COVID-19”.

He noted that more than 3,000 immigrants enter Mexico illegally every day.

Across the border, Guatemala will try to persuade the immigrants’ home countries to dissuade the formation of human caravans of thousands of people queuing across Central America and Mexico in hopes of entering the United States and finding a better life there.

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“It is better for everyone and for health security that convoys do not form,” said Guatemala’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Eduardo Hernandez.

In February alone, the US arrested 100,000 people at its border with Mexico, a 28% increase from January.

US President Joe Biden put this influx of immigrants into perspective on Thursday, saying it “happens every year” and is in no way linked to his policy.

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