Containment, Dismantling … What are other European countries doing?

12:00 PM on March 21, 2021, modified to 12:33 PM on March 21, 2021

A year after the start of the epidemic, not all Europeans are in the same boat when it comes to health measures. While some see their daily lives gradually decorating with newly discovered freedoms, others, many, restlessly, plunge into endless restrictions. This has been the case since Saturday for some French, but also Poles (48,800 have died since the start of the epidemic), reconfigured for three weeks. Bars, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and gyms are closed again, as are most stores in malls. Pupils of the first three grades of primary education, who have so far been allowed to work face-to-face, will have to switch to distance education, as is already the case for the higher levels.

Europe in a Time of Restrictions


In Belgium (22,600 dead), the time has also come for new restrictions, as in Bulgaria (11,900). Dans les écoles, devenues selon le Premier ministre belge Alexander De Croo un des principaux lieux d’infection, le port du masque jusque-là imposé aux élèves de plus de 12 ans sera “obligatoire” à partir de demain pour les enfants de 10 et 11 years old. Remote work will also be intensified. The goal is to allow high school students to return to class fully on April 19, and to reopen cafes and restaurants from May 1.

Angela Merkel wants to activate “emergency brakes” in certain areas

In Germany (74,600 dead), similar decisions can be taken. Chancellor Angela Merkel, who stressed on Friday the need to activate “emergency brakes” in certain regions, will meet on Monday with leaders of the 16 states to decide on possible new closures. A step back, when the country was able to move forward at the start of March somewhat relaxed … but a new measure will come into effect on Sunday: crossings at the Polish border will be severely restricted.

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In terms of good news, the United Kingdom, which has the most deaths on the European continent (126,000), maintains its gradual dismantling plan, which will end on June 21. On Saturday, the Minister of Health announced that half of the adult population had received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. There are still our northern European neighbors, who live for several weeks with very few restrictions. In Norway (648 dead), Sweden (13,200) and Finland (805), restaurants are open until evening and only a mask is recommended. What do you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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