Conservatives are white hot before Donald Trump appears at the CPAC conference


In Dallas, the CBAC conference is being held, bringing American conservatives under the title America Unconsult (which can be translated as not censoring the United States). It sold out in Texas this weekend, which has always been very conservative.

With our Special Correspondent in Dallas, Thomas Harmes

At the meeting, we see that the militant leader Satyagraha (Stewart Rhodes) was very much in attendance Capital Invasion On January 6th. On stage, Lauren Bopard, a pro-gunman from Colorado, was greatly applauded when the federal government demanded that they be left alone. However, his restaurant has received financial assistance to deal with the cove.

As State No. 2 Lt. Governor Dan Patrick explains, Texas is proud to welcome these radical conservatives: Texas is the last stronghold. There are many conservatives in this country, but if we fall, America will all fall apart. I can tell you that we will never allow this ! »

He was followed by Donald Trump Jr., in the same vein: It is gratifying to see that Texas has always led to indictment. “Before heating the room for everyone waiting here:” What was Donald Trump right about? Everything !! This Sunday, Donald Trump, the father, will be on stage.

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