Conquer the planet Mars

The exploration of Mars took another milestone this month as three new space probes were put into orbit around the red planet in just a few days. The planet Mars has been an intriguing subject, and it has inspired dozens of science fiction films, many of which have been directed by adult filmmakers. Here are seven to see or review.

Alone on Mars

In this movie by famous director Ridley Scott (alien), Matt Damon plays an astronaut who is inadvertently abandoned on Mars after a failed mission. A trained botanist, will try to survive alone on the red planet by growing potatoes … using human excrement as fertilizer. Science fiction expert Scott says he drew inspiration from science books and testimonials from people who work for NASA to present Alone on Mars The most realistic movie about life on Mars.

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A trip to the memory center

Camp in 2048, this excitement Paul Verhoeven’s future film from a Philip K. Dick stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a worker who dreams every night that he is visiting Mars. By hiring an agency that specializes in planting pre-made souvenirs into people’s memories, he will find that he has gone to Mars before while working as a secret agent. He will decide to return to the red planet to shed light on his past. Note that the original Verhoeven movie, released in 1990, is much better than a movie remake By Len Wiseman who premiered in 2012.

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Mission to Mars

It’s always great to see how the years we live today are portrayed in science fiction movies that were produced many years ago. Directed by Brian de Palma in 2000 (Scarface), This movie links the mission of a group of NASA astronauts to Mars … in 2020. Their saga will turn into a disaster when a supernatural phenomenon causes the interruption of communication with Earth. Mission to Mars It stars Gary Saines, Tim Robins, and Don Cheadle.

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The red planet

This time is the year 2057. As Earth is threatened by an environmental crisis caused by pollution and overpopulation, NASA decided to send an expedition to Mars to analyze if there is enough oxygen to establish a human colony there. Released in the same year as Mission to Mars (That is, in 2000), The red planetWhich brings Val Kilmer and Carrie Ann Moss together on screen, has received mixed reception by critics.

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Ghosts on Mars

MA Horror and Science Fiction, Director John Carpenter (Halloween) He was also interested in the red planet with this excitement Produced in 2001 which depicts a human colony living on the surface of Mars in the year 2176. Described as “west of Mars”, Ghosts on Mars Combines science fiction, horror, and the supernatural. The film was poorly received by critics when it was released, but it has become a cult followed by John Carpenter fans.

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John Carter

One of the most memorable commercial failures in Disney studio history, this expensive mass production (budget of over $ 250 million) is inspired by the book series. Mars cycle By author Edgar Rice Burroughs (Creative Tarzan). A sort of space john Carter narrates the adventures of a veteran of the American Civil War (camped by Taylor Ketch) who is transported to Mars where he finds himself caught in the middle of a conflict between two enemy peoples. Released in 2012, the movie directed by Andrew Stanton (WALL-E) hit the box office.

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In line with the movie series alien, this is excitement Science fiction by Daniel Espinosa (Child 44, the shelterA team from the International Space Station discovers on its return from an expedition to Mars that one of the returned samples contains traces of life. The throttle camera almost completely camped inside a spacecraft. Life With and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson.

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