Conor McGregor Proper No. 12 Whiskey is finally available in the UK with Morrisons becoming an exclusive seller

McGregor is, of course, the greatest superstar the MMA world has ever seen and still in the throes of his UFC career after losing to Dustin Poirier last month.

Plans are being made to fight a third fight with Poirier this summer, but McGregor is proving to be an entrepreneur outside of Octagon as well.

Proper Twelve was launched in September 2018 in Ireland and the US only, and in just a few months, McGregor said the brand had sold “hundreds of thousands” of bottles.

McGregor whiskey was previously only available in Ireland and the United States

Twelve good

McGregor whiskey was previously only available in Ireland and the United States

The whiskey is named after Dublin’s Cromlin 12 district, and it’s the postal code that MacGregor grew up in. He also has a fashion line that produces costumes that he launched after his fight with Floyd Mayweather called August McGregor. He co-founded this business with haute couture brand David August.

En 2019, il a été rapporté que le bon n ° 12 avait contribué à faire passer les ventes de whisky au-delà d’un milliard de dollars aux États-Unis, ce qui représentait une augmentation de 12% des ventes d’une année For the last.

Reports have also stated that Proper No. 12 sold allowances for six months in its first ten days and shipped nearly 200,000 nine-liter boxes since launch. 200,000 cases were sold for about 35-40 million dollars.

Twelve Occasion Morrisons will cost £ 22

Twelve good

Twelve Occasion Morrisons will cost £ 22

On Instagram, McGregor said that after their first year, they made more than $ 1 billion in sales on their own.

“Over a billion dollars in whiskey sales in my first year! Like it or not, there’s a new king in town! Good whiskey, liquid sun!”

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As Proper Twelve expands in the UK, the McGregor whiskey business is set to grow. While continuing to raise money, McGregor donated $ 1 million in profits to first responders in the United States, funded a project to build eight homeless homes in Ireland, and donated $ 27,000 worth of toys for children in need of Christmas in Ireland. 2019.

“Proper Twelve has made a lot of noise since its launch. Not only because of McGregor’s” infamous “reputation, but also because he has a great quality spirit in his own right, said Jack Colichlou, Morrison’s Spirits Purchasing Manager.

“We are delighted to have it now available on Morrisons Spirits aisles across the UK, placing our whiskey range in the heavyweight category.”

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