Confusion at the BBC after Gary Lineker’s suspension

On March 12, two days after the storm was sparked by the suspension announcement of the former soccer player and the star host of the very popular program “Match of the Day”, there is no way out of the crisis).

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BBC sports programs will be upended for the second day in a row after several advisers and commentators quit. “unity” By Gary Lineker. On the 11th, several football programs were canceled at the last minute, forcing the BBC to apologize to viewers.

Gary Lineker, 62, was sacked on March 10 after tweeting criticism of the Conservative government’s bill to stop migrants coming through the English Channel from seeking asylum in the UK, which was condemned by the UN.

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“Blackout on BBC Sport”The Sunday Express made headlines on March 12, and the case is still making headlines, against the backdrop of a more tense debate on immigration and ongoing criticism from the British right wing for alleged bias against the BBC.


British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt said this morning “The BBC maintains its reputation for independence and impartiality”.
When you interview me, people should know that you are doing it for the public, not for political reasons.he said.

The BBC is regularly attacked by conservatives who accuse it of covering Brexit in a biased way and of being more concerned with urban elites than the working class. Last year, the government froze the license fee for two years.

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The opposition has criticized the BBC for its part for bowing to pressure from the authorities by suspending Gary Lineker. Criticism is also mounting against the government’s proposed appointment of Richard Sharp as chairman of the BBC in 2021.

The former banker, known as a financial supporter of the Conservative Party, allegedly played matchmaker to help his friend and former prime minister Boris Johnson secure an £800,000 (€900,000) loan shortly before taking office.
“I think BBC chairman Richard Sharp should resign”Lib-Dem leader Ed Davey believes so. “The Conservative government has been undermining the BBC for years, including through its appointments.”

Lineker considers

Under pressure, the team’s general manager Tim Davey refuses “absolutely” To resign. He says want “Resolve the situation calmly” And “Gary Returns to the Air”.

Gary Lineker “He who loves daily competition, but he never goes back on his word”Footballer George Lineker’s son told the Sunday Mirror.

On Twitter, where he has 8.8 million followers, Gary Lineker had condemned him “A brutal policy aimed at the most vulnerable, not unlike that used by Germany in the 1930s”.

A government speech aimed at ending the flow of illegal migrants through the Channel has been criticized by the UN, which has accused London of favoritism. “End the Right to Asylum”.

Gary Lineker, pseud “Mr. Nice” For his irreproachable behavior throughout his life – he never received a single yellow card -, expressing his progressive political positions, especially for the reception of refugees.

The former striker, who scored 48 goals in an England jersey, has not publicly responded to his suspension, but reiterated this week that he fully accepts his words. On 11 March, Fox traveled to his hometown of Leicester for a game against Chelsea in the Premier League.

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Meanwhile, viewers have been clamoring for the inevitable “Match of the Day,” broadcast in a reduced format without a host or advisors. More than 2.5 million viewers watched, almost 500,000 more than the previous week, according to the BBC.

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