Confused Strategy of the Left

to analyze. Football lovers, the English have a football metaphor for any situation. Like this: ” Lose an open goal (a golden opportunity lost), there is much in the writings of journalists and political scientists to describe the weaknesses of the Labor Party and its leader, Keir Starmer. After twelve consecutive years in power, the Tories are at their wits’ end: Prime Minister Boris Johnson is leaving Downing Street in disgrace, driven to resign by the ‘Particate’ scandal. He was replaced on Monday, September 5 by Liz Truss, an ideologue of free trade and minimal statehood. It promises only tax cuts, and seems ill-equipped to tackle a crippling economic and social crisis and advance the fate of a country whose infrastructure and public services have been underinvested and deregulated in a decade.

However, if the British Left dominates the Tories by around ten points in polls starting in 2022, Mr. Starmer could not take full advantage of it: his popularity did not rise. Only 27% of Britons believe so. According to a surveyThis 60-year-old former attorney general “doing well” And 53% believe its balance sheet is not sound.

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Mr Starmer replaced far-left icon Jeremy Corbyn as party leader in April 2020 following Labour’s defeat in the 2019 election. More than two years later, he still hasn’t appeared.” Prime Minister in Waiting (prime-waiting). The comparison with Tony Blair is striking. In 1997, the young leader’s victory and his movement transformed into a centrist force, “New Labour”, had been in doubt for months against John Major’s government, which had been undermined by scandals.

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Extreme caution

Mr Starmer lacked this freshness and dynamism. In question, his fragile charm and his extreme caution. “Even in a parliamentary system, Underlines Steven Fielding, a historian specializing in labor at the University of Nottingham. Keir Starmer is a veteran politician. For example he prefers to talk about ideas rather than his family. Tony Blair was a true showman who enjoyed public appearances. As a result, Mr. Starmer, a lawyer by training like Blair, passed as a representative of the elite, while his father was a laborer and his mother a nurse. »

Other left-wing figures take the spotlight much better: former Labor prime minister Gordon Brown, for example. Ever the stalwart, he first faced the prospect of a maddening rise in British household energy bills (which will rise by an average of £1,971 a year) in August. [2 279 €] £3,549 in October). Many ambitious Mr. Starmer is wooed around: Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, or Andy Burnham, the Greater Manchester mayor, never misses an opportunity to signal his availability. Not to mention the young and brilliant members of his shadow cabinet: Lisa Nandy on housing, Wes Streeting on health or his aide Angela Rayner, a very outspoken ex-unionist.

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