Conflict in Canada Soccer: Players want to settle before the World Cup

Time is running out, as the Canadians are scheduled to begin pre-tournament camp on June 28 on the Gold Coast.

We’re not at the point where we refuse to board, but it’s time to sort this out so players don’t have to worry about it during setup.said Captain Christine Sinclair.

Canada’s soccer team and the men’s and women’s teams have been embroiled in a labor dispute for over a year.

Canadian players will always be just as motivated despite the struggles with Canada Soccer.

Photo: Radio Canada

Of course, there have been a lot of changes in the Canadian Federation in recent months, Sinclair said in an interview with The Canadian Press. We knew we would have to fight. We knew it was going to take some time.

As a team, the federation has told us explicitly that we need an agreement at least for the World Cup and the rest of the year before we go there. We’re getting closer. I think it will happen. Will this be a long term deal? no. But something will happen before the World Cup.

Canada, seventh in the world, kicks off their tournament July 21 against Nigeria (No. 40) in Melbourne. The team travels to Perth to take on No. 22-ranked Ireland on July 26 before returning to Melbourne to meet No. 10 Australia on July 31.

Our talks are ongoing, and we also want everything to be settled as quickly as possible.Jason de Vos, acting general secretary of Soccer Canada, said in a statement to The Canadian Press.

The women’s team, which was founded by the Canadian Women’s Soccer Players Association in 2016, no longer has a contract since the previous one expired at the end of 2021.

The players have reached a preliminary agreement with Canada Soccer over their compensation for 2022, but say other issues remain unresolved.

The men’s team, which formed the Canadian National Soccer Players Association last summer, is still negotiating its first contract.

Both teams used pressing tactics. The men boycotted a friendly match in Vancouver against Panama in June 2022 because they were unhappy with the progress of negotiations.

This year, the Canadian women wanted to strike at the SheBelieves Cup in the United States, but were reluctant to return to the field after Team Canada threatened them with legal action.

Men’s coach John Herdman challenged Canada Soccer to appear serious Regarding the financing of his team. He said the opponents enjoy longer camps and more games than Canada.

I’m not aware of all the details on the men’s side, but we’re fighting the same fight as them. As players, we fear seeing our national teams get dumped when we see other federations supporting their teams, development programs, and professional leagues. […] Some things have to change if we are to stay at the right level.

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