Confirmed: ‘The Lost Ball 2’ streams Thursday 10 November on Netflix

Many scenes in this film, produced by Marseillanais Rémi Leautier, were filmed in Agde and St-Thibéry, a little over a year ago.

A car launched at high speed that smashes the balconies of the park bars (nothing to do with the business just launched!), Stunts and impressive stunts orchestrated by David Julien, grandson of Remy Julien, in Des Street. Gentilhommes, in Cap d’Agde, scenes filmed within the walls of the Roches Bleues quarry … Balle Perdue 2, which will be released on Thursday, November 10 on Netflix, is the center of the Hérault landscape (Sète) and hosted by Montpellier and Villverac the film crew, Ed ). It is above all an action movie inferno, in the noble sense of the term, with real car stunts and, like we said, little digital special effects and battles every five minutes!

Remy Lauthier did not forget the helping hand for the beginnings

Suffice it to say, viewers who loved the first part of the series will celebrate the second part. “We’ve turned the area upside down!” , said the film’s producer Remy Lauthier last June, on the red carpet at the Herault du Cinema. Rémy Loutier, who is from Marseille who stated that he “didn’t forget the helping hand of Yves Michel (Mayor of Marseille) and François Cominé (Mayor of Sete) at the beginning, when we were making short films with Guillaume Peter. The latter is precisely the director of Balle Perdue, who will be filming His third work in the coming months.

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