Configure Workspace and Productivity: Link

Well-being and quality of life at work Employees are very recent topics in companies. Special attention is paid to ergonomics and Engagement of an employee, which, according to some studies, are closely related. What link can be created between workspace configuration and employee productivity? Explanation.

Optimizing workstation organization to maximize production

Closed offices, open space: The design of workspaces has undergone different trends over time. Each has its advantages. The choice the company makes is far from trivial: Organizing workstations can maximize performance and the productivity when optimizing.

The Barometers According to the opinions of employees from different sectors, he draws the features of the ideal configuration of the workplace to achieve the best levels of productivity.

should think about it Allow matching between employeesEven Strengthening team spirit and sense of belonging. Information must flow with liquidity Interdepartmental, while allowing employees the ability to Being independent and having some flexibility.

on the same site, Lots of uniquely designed spaces Perfectly equipped. Office life revolves around different areas.

Teamwork platforms, friendly and collaborative workspaces, help share ideas and meet the needs of freelance and nomadic workers. It is also important to have a closed office. These intimate spaces isolate their occupants from high acoustics, sometimes inappropriate for certain tasks.

Meeting rooms, cafeteria and relaxation area complement the work desks. To allow everyone to work in good conditions and be able to be productive, comfortable furniture and convenient desks should be preferred. The work environment is getting better Inside and outside the company walls; Especially for roaming employees and/or remote workers.

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Fun and stimulating work environment to be more productive

employee motivation It can be enhanced by a pleasant working environment.

Furnishing a functional office is a must, but it also plays a role Feeling from the employee.

besides Hardware setting Available space aesthetic dimension It is also to be considered. The walls of professional buildings are decorated according to graph The company, in a way that reflects its brand image and prestige, leads employees to evolve in an environment big company. Come comfort company culture.

If an office is no longer necessarily candidacy but is seen as a flexible office, the possibility of Personalize your individual desk It is appreciated. especially that employees You want to achieve a better work-life balance.

More than a square meter, it’s a Intelligent working mode Which leads employees to greater productivity. Workspace configuration has a tangible impact on productivity.

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