Compulsory vaccination of workers under study in Quebec

While giants like Google and Facebook force American employees to vaccinateQuebec employers are wondering if they, too, will be able to demand the same from their employees.

According to Michel Leblanc, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal (CCMM), this idea is spreading more and more within the business community in Quebec.

“Currently, there are a lot of cases of companies considering requiring proof of dual vaccination from their employees in order to allow them to work in a ‘face-to-face’ mode and to introduce those who do not have the vaccination to work remotely,” he emphasized during a telephone interview with Newspaper.

Without wanting to name the target companies, he says he has had discussions with leaders who are working on different scenarios for the start of the school year.

“Every time I talk to a CEO, I ask them the question. […] There are all cases. There are some who have also studied different departments of the company for non-vaccinators, explained Mr. LeBlanc, who would like Quebec to clarify its position.

thorny question

But according to Bernard Clichy, attorney emeritus at Morency Avocats, enforcing vaccination remains a thorny problem.

“If circumstances require it, the employer can request the vaccination of his workers, but they have the right to refuse. He explained that vaccination constitutes human interference and contradicts the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Civil Law.

Meanwhile, some of Quebec’s largest employers have said they do not intend to require double vaccination when they return to work.

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“We are in the process of finalizing a return-to-work protocol, but we are not taking into account the vaccination status,” said Mark Masloch, a Bombardier spokesman.

Hydro-Quebec plans to return to offices one day a week from October 4, but there are no plans to order a vaccination. Desjardins did not want to detail her return plan, but she stresses that the health measures in place will be maintained.

In the US, tech giants such as Google and Facebook will require proof of vaccination from their employees before they are allowed to return to the office.

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