Communications Director Mohamed Safawi is already leaving his post

Six months and then gone. Muhammad al-Safawi’s adventure on the banks of the Maine River will end. as pointed out Western France And the teamAngers’ Director of Communications will be stepping down. Upon his arrival last October, he had already returned his badge.

“There’s nothing wrong with change, if it’s in the right direction. To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change a lot,” the 55-year-old tweeted, to say less ambiguously. A sentence signed by Winston Churchill.

state under tension

Despite such a short period of time, the French-Algerian did not fail to stand out. As soon as he arrived, he sent out a burning press release to warn our colleagues of the Western FranceBefore revealing an investigation targeting Abdel Bouhazama. This will be the last Permanently expelled in April After his polemical words to Montpellier: “We have already touched girls,” statements denied by Safawi, although the person concerned has acknowledged the facts.

Unknown to the football world, his appointment in October 2022 came as a surprise. Former journalist, writer and director Mohamed Safawi was known for his fight against radical Islam. He committed positions that remarkably forced him to live under police protection for several years.

Already promised relegation, even if it is not yet mathematically recorded, this amicable divorce should avoid the SCO a new prud’hommes procedure. in january, Angers has been ordered to pay more than €500,000 to Sebastien Lancier, his former sporting director. The club appealed this decision at the date of a new session in the dispute between it and the previous one Coach Gerald Baticle Set December 2023.

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