Coming from the United States, the concept of “flower trucks” is thriving throughout France.

(ETX Daily Up) – Like “food trucks” or “fashion trucks”, “flower trucks” are gradually making their way into travel shops across the French landscape. Philosophy? Sell ​​plants, flowers and other plants in a traveling truck.

“An orchid to take away please”. In these “vegetable trucks”, we order a plant that picks up a smoking hot dog through the window of the food cart. So you understand the principle: Inspired directly by food trucks, “flower trucks” allow you to find and buy flowers, plants, shrubs or vegetable gardens arranged in the back of a van.

Coming from the United States, the concept of these “flower trucks” (or “plant trucks”) thrives throughout France. It is rare to see them in the capital. One of the first to embark on this adventure was Romain, a resident of 20th Arrondissement and founder of “Petit Pat Deco”. Often “parked” near the Place de la Nation, he does not hesitate to go to French markets to sell his floral arrangements. To follow his ways, go to his Instagram account.

In the north, nomadic florist Amali Lefron has been circling the markets with the “Edot Nature” truck that opened a few months ago. As Clemens Tenzin and his “flower cottage” launched last spring, this time near Toulouse.

In short, this concept is fading and needs to be re-trained by some, beginners or experienced florists. For example, Davy Goshen, Nurseryman and Permaculture Coach was recently launched Fundraising campaign in Uluwatu To revive his flower truck.

For 2 years, we have been producing aromatic plants, vegetables, berry bushes and fruit trees and small fruits in an area of ​​5000 m2 in the protected natural area. Do not sell my product on the site anymore, so I need to quickly rearrange my operation, I found a solution! “, The artisan explains.

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In addition to the low costs compared to renting a store, these nomadic florists cite the many benefits of doing their business in a flower truck. For example, you can organize your own space, increase the number of meetings, constantly change the workplace … or move quickly to serve the customer effectively.

Useful for last minute gifts or if you need to give a bouquet in an emergency!

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