Colorful works in René-Paput’s space

Chamaleris. Mosaic and oil at Espace René-Paput from March 16-19. It is an invitation to travel given by two friends, Annie Casanova and Jean-Louis Gilles. They present their works at Espace René-Paput through Sunday, March 19th.

Gallery to see even on Sunday

“I’ve been making mosaics for over 20 years,” says Annie Casanova. “I lived in Marseille, I think under the influence of the South. I go in search of materials. It can be a lot of tiles, broken glasses … I am happy to mix materials: tiles, pebbles, small figures; to mix textures and colors. My work is very colorful. The artist offers about twenty paintings depicting Icarus He is heading towards the sun, Venus, Adonis or even fire…

This exhibition for two also displays the oils of retired physician Chamaliérois Jean-Louis Jehl. “When I was active, I thought I didn’t have time to paint. For 15 years, I have more time. I’m sailing and my paintings reflect my feelings, they represent the sea. I like to say painting is a trompe l’oeil that reflects the depth of the soul. I work with a brush and a knife, my colorful paintings When I paint a cliff, I watch the hill as it reaches, it is the eye and the feeling of the sailor.”Ireland, Gascony, views of the Atlantic Ocean you will discover as far as Manche, from 10 am to 7 pm, in the presence of the artists, in the space of René Pabot, place Charles de Gaulle in Chamaliere. free entry.

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