“Collision”, the movie RMC Sport before the Ngannou-Gane shock

With “Collision,” RMC Sport brings 34 minutes of film to introduce France’s Ciryl Gane and Cameroonian world heavyweight champion Francis Ngano, the two amazing fighters who will face each other on the night of January 22-23 in the UFC fight. Most anticipated of the year (watched live and exclusively on RMC Sport 2).

These two phenomena of combat sports have nothing to do with each other. They have neither the same direction nor the same goal. But life would lead them to the same man, the same little room, a sport they had never known. One advances by strength and the other by ingenuity. At the end of their path, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, the fates of this star in the United States and this hypothetical stranger in his own country will surely collide.

French Cyril Jean and Cameroonian World Champion Francis Ngannou face off on the night of January 22-23 for the UFC heavyweight throne. On this occasion, RMC Sport, broadcaster of one of the biggest events in the history of combat sports for France, reveals “Collision”, the apocalyptic movie of this amazing pre-fight battle.

“We can’t do better”

Cyril Jean has been practicing mixed martial arts for only four years. This talented man has never lost an official fight, either in the UFC or in his former sport, Muay Thai. Like a meteorite, the nickname “Bon Jamin” descended into the octagon leaving his opponents no chance. In order to become “the strongest man in the world”, he must thus defeat Francis Ngannou. Previously homeless on the streets of Paris, the Cameroonian rose to the top and swept the UFC by knockout.

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The Predator arrogantly declared victory by knockout in the first two rounds. The Frenchman, fast and complete, believes that his opponent will not go the distance. The two former sparring partners know each other very well after working together for some time prior to their long-awaited reunion. Fernand Lopez, current coach of Jane… and former coach of Langano, commented: “If someone is writing this story as a screenwriter or director, we can’t do better than that.”

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Their duel will be watched live from 4 a.m., Sunday, January 23, on RMC Sport 2. The UFC president said it himself: “It’s the most anticipated fight of the year.”

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