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Cégep de la rue De La Vérendrie (Photo courtesy of Cégep de Sept-Îles)

Approximately 680 students are enrolled in regular and continuing education programs to begin the academic year August 23 at Cégep de Sept-les. This number is slightly higher than the number observed last year.

Claude Fortin, Local Press Initiative

Marie-Yves Vilancourt, director of studies at Cégep de Sept-Îles, believes, however, that some may decide to take a break from their studies in light of the health measures that will be imposed on them. Mask-wearing may be compulsory, in class, for students from the North Shore due to the vaccination rate considered insufficient by health authorities. “If, counting on September 20, we were at 600 on a regular basis, I would be very happy,” admits Ms. Vilancourt.

CEGEP will welcome international students again this year. According to Marie-Yves Vilancourt, there must have been about fifty of them who attended the North Shore Institution since the last week of August. “We have mainly French students, and we have students who come from the African continent, Cameroon, Congo, Tunisia and Morocco.”

Unlike other CEGEPs in the county, dropping out of courses due to Covid, what we’re calling an “incomplete Covid,” shouldn’t be cause for concern in September. In several places, the arrival of high school students, along with those who have to resume their abandoned classes, is raising concerns about a lack of space. Since the average number of students per group is about fifteen in Cégep de Sept-les, the lack of space is not an issue. “We are so used to working with small groups that we can fill them in.” Ms. Vilancourt explains.

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However, welcoming the 300 or so students arriving from high school is a concern of CEGEP staff. Our high school students […] It was limited. Learning was limited to what was essential. So we welcome students who are potentially very insecure,” thinks Marie-Yves Vilancourt.

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