College sport deadlocked in Ontario: OAU cries injustice | Coronavirus: Ontario

On Monday, the Ford government ruled that indoor areas of facilities used for sports and recreational fitness activities be closed except for athletes training for the Olympics, Paralympics and certain professional sports leagues such as the NHL and NBA. College sports included.

OAU chief Gordes Grace is stunned by what he sees as contempt for the government.

We are disappointed with this announcement, but more than that we have not been given some form of exemption so that our athletes can continue training.He said on the phone.

« We’re not quite sure what elite sport is defined in the county. We understand what maple leaves, Canadians and birds of prey are. But amateur sports got an exception and we think we deserve an exception too. »

Quote from Gordes Grace, President of the Organization of African Unity

In the face of a new wave of the epidemic, theOntario Athletics Association He had chosen to suspend all of his activities on December 17th. She was due to resume them on January 6, but chose to resume on January 24. The government’s announcement postponed the start of her seasons to January 27, but above all it prevents athletes from training, which has been allowed until now.

Athletes want to train and so do our coaches. They need it for their mental health and to prepare them for a season that we hope will always last., he explains, noting that he understands that the Omicron variable has an extension Huge effect on the health system of the county.

Tyler Sagel of the Ryerson University in Toronto men’s basketball team struggles to understand how he could be denied training as aOntario School Basketball Association (OSBA), a basketball league made up of 17 high schools across the county, can continue to operate.

It annoys me. Many players in this league will try to fit into a major program in the United States, but the majority will end up playing in college in Ontario, he says. How can one be elite and the other not?

We did everything they asked us to do. We have been vaccinated. We ran the tests before training. It is frustrating to be there. I don’t really know what to say anymore.

Kylie Hall of the Ryerson University women’s basketball team agrees. It’s frustrating, she says, especially since so many of us were in those tournaments before we played in college.

L ‘Ontario Athletics Association It features dozens of teams and hundreds of athletes from 20 universities across Ontario. Some of them, including Ryerson University, have posted statements on social media calling forOntario Athletics Association It is considered an elite amateur sports league by the county.

Association president Gord Grace says he’s reached out to the county. He hopes to find a solution soon.

In a letter, the county said that Our government is doing everything it can to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the Omicron variant. These time-limited measures will help us fight this virus and prevent hospitals from overburdening. This decision was made on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health to keep people safe.

She did not explain why university sports did not receive an exemption to continue their activities within a limited framework.

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