Collect money with your purchases!

The explosion of e-commerce has changed consumption habits. Today, online shopping has become the norm, almost a reflex. Where, in the past, you combined loyalty cards to take advantage of good deals at your favorite brands, there is now an automatic and permanent solution: cashback. By registering for free on a specific platform (such as, for example), every amount spent on the merchant’s site earns you money. You can then redeem your pot for real money (on a bank account or PayPal account) but you can also convert it to gift cards.

Any purchases and any dealers?

Tourism, Fashion, Beauty, Hifi and Home Appliances, Culture, Home, Sports, Children… All fields and services are present on these specialized platforms. Since the winnings are proportional (up to 65%) to the amount spent, the principle becomes especially interesting in large purchases such as travel, computer, television, household appliances, etc.
Today it is very rare not to find a partner brand: Widilo has managed to locate close to 3000 dealers! And for good reason, the platform is a service offered by AFILIZA, a leading promo code company in France, Spain, UK and Belgium (since 2012, AFILIZA has enabled more than 10 million online buyers to get more than 5 million promo codes).

The other important aspect is that cashback is not limited to one brand. You can aggregate the profits from several thousand online stores into one container.

Collect coins and promotional codes

Recently, the system has evolved even more: it is thus possible to pay for the reviews you leave or to take advantage of discount coupons. These promotional codes also make it possible to get an instant discount on all purchases. Do you want high tech products? Why not take advantage of Promotions on AliExpress, for example?

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In order not to miss out on good deals, the reaction is very simple in the end: before each purchase, consider browsing the cashback site, and then allow yourself to head to the desired merchant. It’s as simple as it can be reliable. And by staying attentive, that is, by regularly going to your dedicated platform, you can even discover “hot deals”, accumulate discounts, increase cashback and other benefits (such as free delivery).

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