Cole Caufield standing with his glass

Upon receiving the Hobby Baker Cup in proper form Wednesday night in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, young Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield naturally handed out a number of autographs and posed for photos with the guests.

“It’s great to be recognized this way,” Coffield said, according to comments reported by the Wisconsin State Journal. All these people in the room are supporting me and you owe them the respect and your time. I really appreciate everyone being here.”

Singles honors for best college footballer in the United States were awarded to Caufield on April 9. On that magical day, the forward made his professional debut for Laval Rocket at the same time, scoring two goals as well as getting an assist in the 5-3 win over the Marlies in Toronto. Since then, his adventure with the Canadian has clearly continued until the Stanley Cup final, and Caufield also collected 12 points, including four goals, in 20 playoff games.

Today, Coffield, who was accompanied by his parents Paul and Kelly as well as his older brother Brooke, admits to appreciate his successes in the past year a little more.

“At that time, it’s hard for me to understand or appreciate the success that I’ve had,” he said. Now is clearly the time to appreciate the fact that you won it.”

“I will always remember this day [du 9 avril] And it will definitely be one of the best days of my life, and like all this year,” the 20-year-old continued.

What now for Calder?

Speaking, Coffield also took it upon himself to redirect attention to his former colleagues at the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

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During his speech, he said, “I want to take this opportunity to thank my teammates. I couldn’t do it without them. It’s an individual honor, but we all know that in the world of hockey, you inevitably need others to get the puck.”

In this case, Coffield was considering Linus Weisbach, Dylan Holloway, and his brother Brooke, among others. But since he’s now considered a candidate for the next Calder Cup, awarded to the New Year’s in the National Hockey League, the American knows full well that he wouldn’t be able to do it without Nick Suzuki and Jeff Petrie.

Remember, in 31 games in his second and final season with the Badgers, in the NCAA, Caufield collected 52 points, including 30 goals. Before the playoffs with the Canadians, the striker scored his first four goals in the regular season in just 10 matches. Also added help.

Cole Caufield’s Challenge

Among the guests on Wednesday nights at Elmo Lake, former goalkeeper Rob Stauber, who won the 1988 Hobby Baker Cup, challenged Cole Caufield, in the form of valuable advice.

“The world is going to try to make you an individual star, a superstar, but my challenge is to resist that and still be the young man you are today,” Stober said, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Also in the auditorium, coach Tony Granato, who coached Coffield in the NCAA, testified along the same lines.

“I am now 57, but this season I felt like I was 21 and I was his teammate,” Granato said, according to the same source. That’s how I felt because of the energy and passion he showed when he was playing.”

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Compared to Bret Hall

It really was a time for compliments to Caufield. Coach Mike Search, a legend from the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), was also honored during the same evening, even comparing Al Kindi’s Amal to his former student Brett Hall.

“It reminds me of a guy I trained at UMD named Brett Hall. The two know how to find space on the ice, find holes and find pucks. They know how to break free from the ice and get out of trouble.”

“Everyone said he’s just a little player,” added Search. Well, I’d say he’s done really well since he left Wisconsin for Montreal.”

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