Co-pilots are required to complete their training in the event of a shortage

Companies quickly launched recruitment campaigns or training to cope with the recovery in traffic after the pandemic.

A US regional airline struggling to fill its cockpits asked its co-pilots to have only 750 flight hours to their credit before carrying passengers, instead of the 1,500, a regulator denied on Monday. Encouraged by their employers, many pilots took early retirement as air traffic collapsed during the pandemic. But air ticket sales have rebounded. Companies quickly launched recruitment campaigns or new training programs to cope with the recovery in traffic. But it takes time. Some regional carriers say they will have to reduce the number of flights offered or drop certain lines as a result.

Republic Airways, in this context, has claimed that pilots who have followed its own training program can benefit from the same exemption as pilots from the United States Air Force, namely being able to fly as co-pilots. Captain, only 750 flight hours. The United States Aviation Regulatory Agency, FAA, estimates “Exemption requested (was) Prejudicial to security and not to public interest” and refused to reduce the required hours of cockpit experience.

The FAA added that it doesn’t solve anything “The shortage of pilots is felt” And it will encourage other companies to apply for similar exemption. ALPA, the pilots’ union, declined to comment on its role “scarcity” And in a message on its site, confirmed it “We will continue to resist those who seek to weaken pilot qualification requirements and reduce the level of safety by making them unable to effectively manage their flight operations.”

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