CNN launches its own online subscription service, CNN+

CNN news channel announced, on Monday, the launch of an online video subscription service, in the first quarter of 2022, called CNN +, a new signal to start transmitting television information to live broadcasts.

The channel’s initiative appears to be the most ambitious project to date in US online television news (archive).


CNN+ will offer live and pre-recorded programming, but is separate from that of CNN or its external version, CNN International, according to the statement. At launch, the live segment will include between 8 and 12 hours of daily programming.

A source close to a subsidiary of WarnerMedia Group indicated that the subscription would be subject to a fee, but did not say how much. The same source said that CNN+ will be launched first in the US, but the channel plans to make the service available overseas in the medium term.

An initiative that distinguishes it from the competition

The channel initiative appears to be the most ambitious project to date in online television news in the United States. The big American chains of ABC, CBS and NBC already offer a dedicated video service, but it is, in all cases, an application that shows certain contents of each channel, without original programming.

Information, sports and reality TV have so far been the few leading products that still allow traditional TV to perform well against online video services.

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