Closing the US border has been extended to June 21

Justin Trudeau announced on Thursday that the closure of the border between Canada and the United States has been extended to June 21.

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“To protect your health and control the spread of COVID-19, we are extending those measures to 30 days, so essential travel between our two countries will be banned until June 21,” he wrote on Twitter.

This new 30-day extension is no surprise because the border has been closed on both sides since March 21, 2020.

Public health in Canada has not yet changed the signs for overseas travel. These will be strongly encouraged until further notice.

The EU wants to open its doors to people who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccine targets surrounding the reopening of borders have not been officially released, but Justin Trudeau pointed out earlier this week that this could happen when the index limit of 75% of people vaccinated by a single dose is reached.

Canada is one of the fastest growing countries today, with about 1% of the total population being vaccinated daily, almost twice as fast as the United States, and the campaign started slowly a few weeks ago.

However, Canada still does not have 4% of the population fully immunized, while in the United States this figure is close to 40%.

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For individuals with the same size, Canada and the United States are at approximately the same level as 47.6%.

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