“Closed”: It’s hard to land in the UK this summer

«Closed ”(closed): Signs in large aerial letters may be displayed at the entrance to Eurostar Station in Paris-Nord, airports and French ports. Quite simply, the UK is actually closed to travelers from France who want to spend the summer in Shakespeare’s country. This is a real hurdle, whether in the British Territory or the Republic of Ireland, to follow the sweet madmen who aspire to come across the channel.

In the UK, health is regionalized. But the restrictions in force in the UK are comparable to those in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

France has been placed on the “orange” list under the traffic light system introduced in early May. Ten countries on the “green” list that exempt tourists from compulsory isolation include Portugal and Israel.

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Upon arrival, passengers from France must submit a negative PCR test within 72 hours. A ten-day isolation at home or hotel is required, with mandatory checks after the second or eighth day. A negative charge can halve the duration of the PCR test (equivalent to a minimum of 160 euros).

In addition, a “locator” that provides all information to immigration services must be completed before departure via mobile phone, allowing police to control compliance with isolation. Isolated by isolated phone calls and unannounced home visits by competent authorities. Those who do not have subscribers are fined.

Isolation for a total of 25 days!

France has imposed “compulsory isolation” on travelers from the United Kingdom since May 31 as a tragedy never happened alone and the spread of Indian diversity in the UK. Isolation that has not been isolated for two weeks is now mandatory.

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Amateur announcement! A summer vacation in the UK currently has a total isolation of twenty-five days, not to mention the cost of testing.

Although part of the European Union, the Republic of Ireland is still tough. In fact, France is on the list of 50 so-called Type 2 countries. Travelers from these regions are subject to 14 days of isolation at an approved hotel, at their expense (approximately 200 euros per day).

Due to overseas travel restrictions, most of the Queen’s subjects will spend the summer in the UK. As a result, hotels, bed and breakfasts, camps and airplane apartments are already packed in the most beautiful areas (such as Cornwall, Devon, Lake District) or historic cities (Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford-on-Avon or York) …

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