clips | San Antonio Air Force Base on high alertتأهب

(San Antonio) An Air Force base in San Antonio Wednesday afternoon was cordoned off for about an hour, after military officials said gunfire near one of the entrances.

Lt. Col. Brian Lovelace, 802nd commander, said two shots were heard coming from outside Joint Base Lackland around 11:50 a.m.e Security forces squadron. He said investigators are trying to determine whether the shooting report was true or a false alarm.

He said it was not clear if anyone had seen a gunman or if more than one gunman was involved.

“We are currently trying to investigate a few leads to confirm that the shots did indeed take place at the facility. No injuries have been reported,” Lovelace said.

Lackland Base is located on the southeast side of San Antonio, where the Air Force conducts all of its basic training. “There are a lot of facilities at this base that are very important to the Air Force. I prefer to overreact [à un signalement de coups de feu] of not responding at all,” the presenter announced.

The base issued an alert at noon, asking all personnel at Lackland Air Force Base to take cover. Officials said shots were fired from the western side of the main base, just east of Interstate 410 and near a shopping mall.

The alert status was raised an hour later, except for the door to Valley High, near where the bullets were said to have been fired.

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