Climate-Govt-19: UK to provide vaccines to COP26 participants

The United Kingdom, the host country of the 26th UN Climate Summit scheduled for November 2021, announced on Thursday, June 10, that participants will be able to access the Covit-19 vaccine as part of a support program for developing countries.

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The UK government, which is exploring options on how to keep COP26 safe in Glasgow, said in a statement that the concession would give priority to accredited representatives, who would not be able to get it, otherwise vaccines.

“We will work to provide vaccinations to accredited delegates to allow more delegates to participate safely.
“We are exploring with the UN and our partners how we can work together to provide this opportunity.”

The announcement came as G7 leaders gathered at a beach resort in Cornwall to discuss issues such as the Govt-19 and climate finance at the 3-day summit (June 11-13, 2021).
They are expected to agree to a plan to provide one billion doses of vaccine to developing countries with the aim of ending the epidemic by 2022. The UK has promised 100 million doses, while the US has promised 500 million doses.

The use of the Covit-19 vaccine is much faster in rich countries than in poorer ones. On April 16, the UN. Reported that one in four high-income countries was vaccinated, and only one in 500 in low-income countries.

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