Claudio Cabello performs the Espace Chudou

Almost two years. Like many of his colleagues, Claudio Capello had to be patient before returning to the stage. Just like his fans who did not miss the appointment set by the artist who finally came to the neighborhood. He, Alsatian, regional on the stage, a follower composed by blending French and Italian songs.

The roots are right there and he’s playing with them… so good! Switch from one language to another without hesitation. Once a brilliantly transmitted “E Panso a te” and “your hand” was grabbed, he invited the audience home among the plants, and trotted down on this comfy rug supporting the sofa for a group session at home. Same… the chance for Claudio Cabello to conjure up his meeting with the gewurztraminer he loves so much… and it’s not his “9-year-old monastery” that can prevent this musical and stormy journey.

The famous ball was in capio sauce on the bars. My “beautiful” obviously enchanted her world. But what would the world be without a “little dream” … a performance without a vita, no doubt busy checking the authenticity of the photos before publication … but no matter how beautiful the moment was, the choirs gave a voice, the guy was standing, the party was beautiful.

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