Clashes Nights in Northern Ireland: What’s the cause of the anger?

After ten nights of trade union clashes Northern IrishThe British Crown Prince demanded calm, at the time of mourning for Prince Philip, who will be buried on Saturday, April 17, 2021. A truce respected by a few hundred of the protesters concerned.

Young man arrests police on April 8, 2021 during protests in Belfast, Northern Ireland. © Infographic Ouest-France

Valuable time for The negotiations that resumed on Sunday 11 April 2021 between London and Brussels On the application of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which is one of the causes of unrest. This extension to the Brexit agreement preserves Northern Ireland both in the European Common Market and in the British Customs area, to avoid re-establishing a land border with the Republic of Ireland. Hence the control in Northern Ireland – in the county ports – on products from Great Britain. However, as of January 2021, these customs checks have caused some delivery delays and a lot of discontent.

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This is the first time we’ve passed a law that takes us away from Great BritainIndignant Robert at his community association office in East Belfast. Our British identity is in danger.Her identity: Red Mailboxes, Union Jack, Sterling Pound and a certain ethic that unionists in the county share, are proud of their UK affiliation. We’ll have to find a way around protocol: We don’t want borders in the Irish Sea, we don’t want Republicans (Supporters of reunification with the Republic of Ireland) You don’t want him on earth, Bother.

Pictured across Northern Ireland, posters show anger and opposition to Brexit.  © Juliette Demas

Across Northern Ireland, posters show the anger and opposition to Brexit. © Juliette Demas

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It’s often the young loyalists, from the working class and the hard-line branch of the unions, who have taken to the streets – a few dozen really violent and a few hundred spectators – and yet they have a vague notion of protocol.

The protesters barely proceeded

Teens under the age of 13 have been arrested and the most active protesters are barely old. They are angry, and they say that the leaders ignored them and discriminated against them by the police. And boredom undermines them, after a year of imprisonment, without gyms and on the whole Easter weekend. Northern Ireland has an economic slowdown rate of 28%, compared to 21% for the UK as a whole. In some unitary areas, the situation is even more deteriorating.

“Life is difficult in these working-class areas.”

Kaileen McCaffrey, 25, grew up near Lanark Road, a Belfast street that straddles the two-union and Republican regions where a bus has burned down in recent days. Life is difficult in these working-class areas where wages are low, services are unavailable and young people have few plans for the future.. For her, political parties She did nothing to improve the living conditions of the teens here Their condemnation of violence appears hollow.

School dropouts, job shortages, factory closures that hired the elderly, and drug smuggling make young people in these neighborhoods particularly vulnerable to manipulation. If activists called for Peaceful and Democratic SolutionsSome anonymous messages on social networks were enough to trigger the overflow.

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