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Clash Royale is a game available on iOS and Android mobile phones, but is it possible to download and play it on PC? We give you the answer.

clash royale It is a Supercell strategy game available on iOS and Android mobile phones since 2016.

However, some people are wondering if it is possible to download the game on PC and the answer is no because the game is only playable on iOS and Android.

Is it possible to play Clash Royale on PC?

If you want to know If the game can be downloaded to PC, the answer is no, bone It is possible to run it on PC through an emulator called Bluestacks We will explain how to do this.

  • Go to the site BlueStacks And download the version you are interested in by clicking on the button ” Loading »(source)
  • Then install this program on your computer, then her job
  • Now create a PlayStore account To download Android apps to your computer
  • Once finished, Open PlayStore On BlueStacks, then Type “Clash Royale” in the search bar visible on the right and pressing the magnifying glass button or Enter
  • Now download Clash Royale, then open it once the installation is complete to enjoy the game on your PC

If you have any concerns while following the instructions above, you can check out the how-to video of Elouko CR.

It is worth noting that this manipulation works with many Android and iOS mobile games that are not currently available on PC.

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