Cinema Planet is in “stop and start” mode

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Hollywood wants to believe that. The 2021 Academy Awards has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but thanks to the current recovery in California, it will take place live rather than at Zoom on Sunday, April 25 in Los Angeles. Film circles hope to put 2020 behind – “A year that changed everything in Hollywood.”, As shown in Didier Alloush’s documentary.

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The entertainment industry is one of the sectors hardest hit by the shutdown. In California, a “stay at home” order went into effect on March 17, 2020. Filming was halted, theaters closed, and reopened temporarily in the summer.

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A year later, a recovery was not certain. Throughout the United States, only Texas has completely dismantled theaters. Elsewhere, theaters have reopened 50%, at best, (30% in California). According to the documentary, the pandemic has cost 92,000 jobs in the film industry, including 50,000 in Los Angeles. Not everyone will find a job. The spectator’s habits changed “Nobody can say if they will return to the cinema”.


Didier Alloush, Los Angeles-based Canal + correspondent, interviewed a number of professionals and industry professionals; All of them are somewhat amazed at the shutdown of the planet of cinema. In Vista de Los Angeles, there is a cinema dating back nearly a century, Victor Martinez, who comes every day to repair projectors, admits that he sometimes cried in front of the disaster. Patrick Corcoran, vice president of the Film Owners Association, sets out the scale of the aforementioned disaster: an 81% drop in revenue compared to 2019.

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But Didier Alloush tries not to despair the crowd: The epidemic has pleased the entrance of cars, and open-air cinemas where you come by car. Also, directors Brett and Drew Pierce, who were astonished by the success of their film Les Miserables In the parking lots.

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As elsewhere, the pandemic precipitated the movements that were underway. Video on demand platforms have become the true drivers of the market. “What could take five years in twelve months”, Notes low-budget movie producer Jason Blume. The studios faced a dilemma: delaying release or returning to broadcast. The new James Bond No time to die (Die can wait)Which was due to be launched in April 2020, then in 2021, it is still waiting …

The rule that theaters have priority over a period of three months is repealed. Warner Bros.’s decision to launch its products on the new HBO Max platform caused an earthquake in the industry.

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In Hollywood, nothing will be the same again. The films we wrote appear before the epidemic “On”Jason Bloom notes. In fact, there is actually a repertoire of Containment films. Such as The Tweep, Filmed by Adam Mason in confined Los Angeles: The first pre-emptive film directly linked to Covid-19. or Shut downWritten by Doug Lehman with Anne Hathaway: When the Pandemic Intervenes to Disrupt a Couple’s Separation.

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What will be the lasting impact of the epidemic? It is too early to tell. But this documentary has the merit of laying the groundwork after a year of inactivity. Sony Pictures President Tom Rothman posted it in a note that was pasted to his computer: “Don’t try to calm the storm. Calm down and the storm will pass.” For seventy years, home entertainment was dominated by theaters. “Trust me, the movies are back.”

Covidwood, the year Hollywood stoppedDocumentary by Didier Alloush (Fr., 2020, 52 min).

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