Church of England apologizes for past ties to slavery

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The Church of England apologized on Tuesday (January 10) for its associated financial system for past links with slavery. Today a wider process of reparations to the affected communities is underway.

With our correspondent in London, Cydoni Goucher

I am deeply sorry. The time has come to act in response to this shameful past Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said.

The Church of England’s spiritual leader has apologized following the publication of a statement. The Church Commissioners’ Trust had historical ties with the transatlantic slave trade.

At first, the Commissioners of the Church of England aimed to help the poorer members of the clergy. However, we learn that the fund received and invested donations from slave traders significant amount In the South Sea Company, it traded African slaves.

The organization has pledged 100 million pounds (over 113 million euros) in compensation funds, part of which “ Communities affected by slavery “.

The United Kingdom deals with the legacy of its colonial past. In 2020, the Church called “ Shame on you The fact that “some of its members”. Earned seriously Slavery.

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