Chrome 89 is coming, what’s new?

A new version of Chrome is available for download, Chrome 89. Google focuses on security. We also have some changes to the processor compatibility aspect.

Google has just released a new version of its browser. Chrome 89 arrives with many fixes. The development team is working on a total of 47 security issues. The most important defects are sealed with a high degree of severity. Browser deployment uses the app’s update functionality.

Chrome browser and auto update function

So if you are a Chrome user, you can run an update by going to this address

Personnaliser et contrôler Google Chrome > Aide  > A propos de Google Chrome

As of this release 89, Chrome requires an x86 processor that supports the SSE3 instruction set.

SSE3 – Wikipedia

SSE3, also known as Prescott New Instructions (PNI) internal code, is the third generation of the SSE instruction set for IA-32 architecture. Intel introduced SSE3 in early 2004 with a Prescott release of its Pentium 4 processor. In April 2005, AMD introduced a subset of SSE3 in revision E of its Athlon 64 processor (Venice and San Diego). Their SIMD instruction set for x86 platform, from oldest to newest, is MMX, 3DNow! (Developed by AMD), SSE, and SSE2.

Chrome 89, is good news

On the new side, we have support for the “first-party groups” function. Sites are allowed to be identified as belonging to the same entity. For example, it can be used to link and to ensure some data is shared on these sites. This isn’t really new as this advance was inspired by the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature in Firefox. Browser is now set to HTTPS by default if the user doesn’t specify it in the address bar.

The page sharing functionality is enriched with a share button that displays all possible options. We also have discovery of the nearby environment (devices and users)

A new search field called Tab Search makes it easy to find an open tab. It is represented by a small arrow in the top right of all browser windows. Note that if this new feature is not activated after installing this version 89, you can activate it at the following address


Added to this is important work on accounts. The profile selection page appears when you open Chrome if there are multiple users registered. Accompanied by a link to add profiles through a new approach that should provide more capabilities and customization.

The next step is scheduled for April 13 with Chrome 90. A beta release will be launched between March 11-18.

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