Christmas Parade in Wisconsin | A driver rushed into the crowd, “killed several people” and injured at least 20

The Christmas Parade turned into a Sunday night drama in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A driver rushed into the crowd, injuring more than 20 people. Many people died in the tragedy.

choral laplante

choral laplante

In a video posted by a surfer, we can see a red SUV driving through the crowds. The vehicle in which the crime was committed has been found.

“Multiple deaths” occurred during the event, local police chief Dan Thompson said at a news conference, without specifying a number, as police are currently contacting families.

Lindsay Eckert was one of the dancers participating in the show. “My dance team was about to turn around the corner to finish the show. I turned to face the dancers and saw a red SUV through a large group of people. The car sped past our group, and barely a parent pulled a student off the road,” she wrote to Journalism.

The group of dancers was led by MI Eckert was not hurt. “But about 60 feet behind us, we could see a lot of bodies in the street, surrounded by people trying to help them,” she continued.

“We heard a loud bang,” West Ellis City Councilor Angelito Tenorio told The Associated Press. “And then, we heard the deafening cries of the crowd, of the people at the parade. And the people began to rush, and run away, with tears in their eyes, and weep, and he continued.

Waukesha Police are asking citizens to avoid the city center in the municipality. Attendees during the event are asked to go to the subway transit center, and we can read on the official Facebook page of the police force.

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