‘Christmas Flow’ on Netflix: The French Christmas Series That Feels Good

Amidst the Christmas trees and marshmallows that are starting to swarm onto channels and platforms, Netflix is ​​releasing “Christmas Flow” this Thursday, and it’s…excellent French chameleon! This three-episode mini-series gives his first role to rapper Tyke, who will be found on Friday in the “Dancing With the Stars” semifinals on TF1. The artist with 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube is hanging out with the joy of Marcus, the rapper in media legal turmoil over a highly biased song. In a Parisian department store, he accidentally bumps into Leila (Cherine Boutella, who plays Lieutenant Sophia Belkacem on the “Lupine” series), a feminist journalist who runs an independent web media, Les Simone.

Two opposing worlds. Run away from him, they meet again. Attempts to recover an image that turns out to be a complete failure. She thinks she can get revenge by attending Christmas dinner with Marcus’ parents. Misunderstandings, well-placed coordinators, excellent soundtracks, and insightful editing lead us to the three non-stop episodes. We love all of the characters, from manager Tayc who secretly throws his dance back when he falls in love, to his producer who wants to “Sopranois” the rebellious rapper by making him sing Christmas.

Feminism and social networks

Nods to current trends drive the indicator to its happily peak. The champ’s blonde sweetheart, Neil, has been giving meditation sessions on social media, Tayc’s mother’s Instagram account following exploded after the photo was posted, and the modern apartment has an electric bike charger in the galley.

The comedy reveals a sense of humor against a backdrop of societal demands and questions. 2% of the streets of Paris are named after women? Here’s Les Simones perched on her stairs to feminize street signs. “Christmas Flow” is about love, of course, but it also talks about suburban friendship around the MJC neighborhood. Marcus’ younger sister excels in her heroic battles and business acumen. Dialogues are critical, Laila’s mother does not hesitate to scream her sexual pleasure.

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Each character brings their own sense of humor, and funny expressions like “When a queen underestimates her, an arctic iceberg melts.” The ancients will learn that “farted” means “no one,” and that we are “botox a reputation.” We want to dance with this band to Clara Luciani’s “La Grenade,” a garland around the neck. We love this ceiling camera Three girls gathered together in a bed to tell each other evening stories, this snowball fight. Shots are well filmed, and well played. Everything necessarily ends with beautiful joy. In the Christmas truce, we wear these slippers with joy.

Editor’s Rating: 4/5

“Christmas Stream”, from November 17 on Netflix, is a three-part series directed by Nadège Loiseau and co-written by Henri Debeurme, Marianne Levy and Victor Rodenbach. With Tyke, Sherine Boutella, Camille Law, Marion Seclin, Alois Sauvage, Walid Ben Mabrouk…

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