Christian Dvorak will have to do more

Philip Danault’s return to Bale’s position on Tuesday night is a sore reminder to Montreal Canadiens fans of the failure of forward Christian Dvorak, whose performances leave much to be desired this season.

According to some fans, Dvorak was set to replace Danault, who signed a six-year, $33 million contract with the Los Angeles Kings over the summer. The new acquisition of the Hab was supposed to take on some of the tasks that Quebecker would take on, particularly on the defensive side. However, the results are not at all on time.

Representing an uncertain case before the game scheduled for the evening, the former Arizona Coyotes have the second-worst lead in the National League, at -13. Only his former Glendale teammate, Jacob Chicheron (-20), has done worse so far. And in terms of aggressive production, it’s no better. The 25-year-old hockey player scored one goal and four assists in 13 matches. Thus, the efficiency ratio of his shots is 3.7%; By comparison, it finished the previous season with a 17.9% return. The only good news: the US citizen won 53.6% of his encounters.

In the meantime, Danault is having a good time with the Kings. He has eight points, including three goals in 12 matches, and scored +2. After collecting three points in the 5-1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday, he excelled inside the showdown circuit with an injury rate of nearly 60%.

Hold can cause headache

The Montreal organization also risks digesting Dvorak’s contract badly if it does not put itself back on the path to success. He will receive $4.45 million annually until the end of the 2024-2025 calendar. During the last two years of the agreement, the partial no-motion clause will be in effect. The player will be able to submit a list of eight clubs that he does not wish to trade with.

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In addition to the contractual aspect, there is compensation to be paid to Wolves, as stipulated in the deal concluded on the same day the Canadian decided not to match the hostile offer made by Carolina Hurricanes to Jesperi Kotkaniemi. Thus, the Canadian Yotes can receive an interesting first-round option if this option does not appear among the first 10 of the next amateur auction. Arizona actually needs to get better than the first-round picks held by Montreal, unless it’s in the top ten.

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