Chris Jericho was hospitalized in the UK during a tour with Fossie

Chris Jericho had to be hospitalized for health reasons during his tour of the UK with Fossey.


AEW Inner Circle President Chris Jericho was admitted to hospital in the UK on Thursday.

Chris Jericho is currently touring the UK with his band Fossi. A tour where a wrestler has to stop due to ill health.

It’s Swansea’s Sin City in Wales, the concert was scheduled for Friday, December 10, and it was announced that the concert would be canceled. On Instagram Revealed information. Chris Jericho was admitted to the hospital on Thursday. “For unrelated and treatable health problems associated with COVID”.

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This does not seem to be too serious, as the group hopes to be able to hold concerts in Nottingham and London scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

The exact reason for being admitted to the hospital is unknown, but the wrestling observer supports the information report, indicating that although he was not in good health, the condition was not considered bad.

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