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On June 29, the Government of Canada announced a repayable contribution of $1.2 million to Chocolat Lamontagne so that the family business, founded in 1978, can continue to grow.

New equipment

The amount paid will be used to purchase and install automatic casing and other related equipment. This contribution is made by the Government of Canada under the Provincial Economic Growth Program through the Innovation (Canadian Economic Development) Program of CED. CED’s support will enable Sherbrooke SME to ensure its growth by optimizing its production in order to meet the demand for coated chocolate internationally.

In 2022, Chocolat Lamontagne received $5 million in federal and provincial aid for another affiliate. In 2019, the company expanded its warehouse by adding an additional 20,000 square feet.

“Manufacturing is a pillar of our economy which is why our government is committed to investing to ensure that our SMEs remain competitive and innovative. Thanks to the support of CED, Chocolat Lamontagne will be able to acquire and install automated production equipment. Pascal Saint-Onge, Minister of Sport and Minister responsible for CED, said. The success and benefits of this project will contribute to the economic vitality of Sherbrooke and the Greater Eastern Suburbs region.”

“It is a real pride to be able to testify to the success of a company that has been part of the Sherbrooke business scene for over 40 years now. Chocolat Lamontagne is now on the rise and its chocolate boundaries are no longer there. With this new support from CED, the family business will once again be able to of increasing their productivity and thus continuing their conquest of new markets,” said Elisabeth Breer, MNA for Sherbrooke and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Mental Health and Addiction and the Minister for Health. a partner.

Known and valued chocolate since 45 years

Chocolat Lamontagne is a real institution in the eastern region. Founded by Richard Lamontagne over the years, the company has distinguished itself by offering a variety of high-end chocolates, such as coated fruits and nuts, chocolate bars and bars, flavored chocolates, seasonal products and specialty castings. Chocolat Lamontagne mainly manufactures chocolates for own brands and, since 2018, to manufacture its own Lamontagne brand. In addition to Canada, the Chocolat Lamontagne brand can be found in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. The company has 160 employees.

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