Chloe Grundin was in the US this weekend

George’s young driver, Chloe Grondin, was racing at White Mountains Motorsport Circuit, in New Hampshire, US, this weekend.

Since it was her first time at the track, she was able to start with 30 practice laps. I discovered a very fast and technical path.

Chloe set the seventh-fastest time after the first workout, then the fourth-fastest in the second. “ She did some good overtaking. The best drivers in this category came to congratulate her. They thought she was really fast for only second practice and above all, they thought she had a nice sprint streak. Wish him luck in the final! Can we read the weekend summary posted on the driver’s Facebook page.

She placed sixth in the playoffs, giving her twelfth place at the start of the final.

His first opponent sprinted to the ring. So Chloe needed five laps to beat it. Then the machine was opened to the maximum for the remaining 20 cycles. “ An impressive overtaking that propelled him to seventh place. It was very fast, but unfortunately 20 laps wasn’t enough to get back into the top five “.

And her team notes that she’s reached speeds they’ve never done before.

When we left, the Autodrome leaders congratulated us. They told us we would be welcome any time ‘ concluded his organization.

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