Chinese FM calls for international ‘Great Wall of Immunity’ to stop Covid-19

Speaking at the 9th World Peace Forum in Beijing, Wang said that China and the rest of the world should do so “Facing the looming challenges together.”

The most urgent priority is to accelerate the construction of the “Great Immunity Wall” to fend off the virus, overcome political discrimination and carry out international cooperation against the epidemic.

The Ninth Global Peace Forum entitled “International Security Cooperation in the Post-Pandemic Era: Defending and Practicing Pluralism” was held at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

During his speech, Wang also called on Japan to reconsider its decision to dump water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the ocean, reiterated China’s hopes of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 and echoed President Xi Jinping’s Thursday statement that China is not. ‘Harassment and abuse’ by foreign countries.

“China today is not the same country it was 100 years ago.” Wang warned adding that “No individual or force should underestimate the determination and ability of the Chinese people to defend the sovereignty, security and development interests of the country.” “

Several countries have recently been hampered by the fast-spreading delta strain of Covid-19, which has caused an increase in cases worldwide and led to several national and local lockdowns in an attempt to stop its transmission.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran warned on Friday that a third of France’s COVID-19 infections are now Delta strains. The UK is also facing an increase in the number, with England seeing a 46% increase in Delta strain cases this week compared to the previous case.

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Australia also controversially announced on Friday that it would halve the number of overseas arrivals in an effort to prevent the spread of the Delta strain – which could prevent many Australians stranded abroad from returning home.

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