Chinese companies have recovered nearly £6 billion of reduced British business in the event of the epidemic

Chinese companies have bought nearly £6 billion from British companies at a discount during the pandemic.

They now own £130 billion in assets, from power plants to pubs to schools.

Chinese companies bought nearly £6 billion from British companies during the pandemiccredit: scientific

The total number of Chinese companies rose to 15,000 in 2021 from 13,000 last year.

Chinese companies in the UK with an annual turnover of at least £5m increased to 838 in 2020, from 795 the previous year.

The acquisitions include a £4.2 billion deal for waste management company Viridor by China Resources Group and £1 billion for video game developer Sumo Group.

More than 28,000 Chinese students applied to study in the UK last year, bypassing the European Union group for the first time.

The influx of Chinese corporate ownership has raised concerns about the impact on national security.

Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani said: “It is already clear that China is strengthening its presence in strategic infrastructure projects.

The government should use its provisions to protect national security. “

Bidders in the United States also looked at British companies such as Morrisons and AA.

China presents an American list of its “sins” and calls on the Americans to stop them

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