China criticizes Canada for its dealings with First Nations

(Ottawa) China on Tuesday criticized Canada and other Western countries, saying it had no right to criticize the regime’s human rights record, given its human rights record.

Stephanie Levitz
The Canadian Press

Beijing responded to sanctions imposed on the regime this week over alleged human rights violations against Muslim minorities in China.

Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union adopted sanctions against four Chinese officials and one entity on Monday, in a concerted effort to pressure China to end what the allies described as a “systematic campaign of repression.”

China has moved quickly to impose retaliatory sanctions against the European Union, and a spokeswoman said that diplomats from other countries have been contacted to express the regime’s discontent.

We urge them not to underestimate the steadfast determination of the Chinese people to uphold national interests and dignity. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Tuesday at a news conference in Beijing, according to a transcript.

They will have to pay the price for their ignorance and arrogance. ”

Global Affairs Canada did not respond to a letter from the Canadian press at the time of writing.

Countries with a “poor” record

In explaining the arguments of China, Mr.I am Hua recounted a series of historical grievances against minorities by Western countries, including Canada’s boarding school system.

In the boarding school system, Indigenous children have been removed from their families and placed in a government-run school system designed to accommodate them and in which thousands have suffered psychological, sexual and physical abuse. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which investigated boarding schools and their legacy, concluded in 2015 that the system constituted a cultural genocide.

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“It should be noted that these countries, which declare themselves” judges “in the field of human rights and are keen to teach others a lesson, have a despicable record in the field of human rights.I am Hua.

Chinese authorities are said to arbitrarily detain more than a million Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities for subjecting them to political re-education, forced labor, and torture, among other things.

MI am Hawa described the allegations as lying and misinformation.

China regularly cites Canada’s record on indigenous relations when countries argue over human rights.

Last month, the House of Commons voted to designate the crackdown on Uyghurs as genocide, even though the prime minister and most of his cabinet members did not vote.

The proposal has been tried by the federal governors. Opposition leader Erin O’Toole was asked whether he agrees with those who say the Canadian government has in the past committed genocide against indigenous people.

He replied, “The condition of boarding schools in particular was horrific and historically was a means of attempting to assimilate and cultural annihilation.”

Alliance of China and Russia

MI am Hua’s remarks came hours after the foreign ministers of China and Russia condemned the new waves of human rights criticism and sanctions against the two countries.

At a press conference in Nanning, southern China, Chinese Wang Yi and Russian Sergey Lavrov rejected foreign criticism of their authoritarian political systems and said that they are working to advance issues such as climate change and the coronavirus epidemic.

Russia is also subject to Western sanctions for violating human rights and military aggression against Ukraine.

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In a joint statement issued after the meeting, the two ministers said that no country should seek to impose its democratic form on others.

And they say: “Interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state under the pretext of” advancing democracy “is unacceptable.

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