China and the United States have agreed to lift restrictions on journalists

(Washington) Following a virtual summit between Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, the Chinese and Americans agreed to mutually lift their restrictions on journalists’ visas.

Washington continues to condemn the deteriorating working conditions of American journalists in China. The former Trump administration has reacted by restricting the activities of the Chinese media, which have been accused of being Beijing’s “propaganda” outlets in the United States.

China expelled Americans working in several major newspapers in 2020 New York Times, தி Washington Post And this The Wall Street Journal, By not renewing their one-year work permit.

But officials in both countries have called for “progress” on the issue.

According to the Chinese media, the two capitals have agreed to “mutually approve” the visas of journalists.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lijian told reporters on Wednesday that the hard-won agreement was in the interests of the media in both countries and was commendable.

“Beijing hopes that both countries will implement the measures in question soon,” he added.

In Washington, a State Department spokesman said Tuesday that technical talks had made “some progress” in “certain areas.”

“We welcome this development, but we see it only as a first step,” he added, assuring that the United States would demand an “improvement” in China for American and foreign media and press freedom in general. .

In detail, US diplomacy confirms that under Chinese law, “China has undertaken to issue visas to the US Press Council.”

Beijing “has promised to extend the validity of visas for American journalists to one year instead of the current three months,” the spokesman added.

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Finally, he promised that China would allow American journalists already in its territory to leave and return freely, which they could not do until then.

At these three points, Washington promises “reciprocity” to Chinese journalists.

The State Department hopes the move will allow US journalists to continue their vital mission to “return” to China.

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