Chester: 182 thousand euros to renew the Espace 2000

This Tuesday, Chester City Council voted unanimously on renovations worth €182,618.“We have already made a contract for the roofsaid Mayor Thierry Champagne (Chastre 20+).Insurance offered to offset part of that ceiling, but we decided to redo the whole thing, in order to get rid of the asbestos problems. It was also ridiculous to end up with half a new roof and the other over 25 years old.”

The rest of the work is divided into six different groups.“The first takes all the electricity from the ground floor and the upper floor of the left part. We do not touch the electricity in the room, everything else will be replaced, because we are afraid that the protection cables will be damaged by the high heat due to the fire.”

Heating works will also be carried out.“We will also take the opportunity to install a new boiler room, because the current room is also over 25 years old.”

In terms of interior finishes, the entire floor will take care, taking care of the ceiling insulation, in order to improve the power factor.

“In the basement we will be repainting, with a series of small modifications as well. We are taking the opportunity to improve the so-called old bar, where we will put up partitions with doors. 90% of the time, this part is used as a changing room in schools. Children will change in better conditions. Because it must be admitted that the curtains separating girls and boys are not perfect.

The exterior joinery will also be redesigned and group 5 relates to the intrusion alarm.“On voucher 6 there is a treatment for the suspended ceiling of the main room. It is aging and the fire is not helping. The insurance did not want to interfere because this part was not affected by the fire. Which makes sense. If we can budget it, it will be more pleasant and will give freshness to this room. “

Jacqueline Fockraul, a Chastre @venir (opposition) councilman, wondered about the possibility of taking control and renovating the kitchen. In the affirmative, Mayor Thierry Champagne answered.“It will be checked again. We haven’t received anything from the kitchen insurance, but we planned to remove the fryer, it is a source of problems both in terms of maintenance and cleaning. And the latest report from the firefighters hurting our fryers. To be in good shape, we had to make an investment. Large. We are removing it, just like in the Gentinnes Room. We are replacing it with furniture. So we will have more space to work and store.”

Important work that will take some time. patience.

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