Check out Netflix’s work at the Light Institute in December

In December, Netflix was invited to cinema screens. At the Institut Lumière Lyonnais will be able to discover the programming of the Netflix Film Club.

It’s the new big movie event that will mark the end of the year. From 7 to 14 December, will provide the broadcast platform Netflix Movie Club : a festival in which it is broadcast Nine films produced by the giant. Fortunately, only two cities were selected for this event leon It is part of. In addition to the Cinémathèque française in Paris, it is Light Institute That Lyonnais would be able to benefit from this high-quality programming. Because among the nine movies shown, Six are already on the stage Thus he will be experiencing a theatrical release. The other three? it will bePreviews planned by Netflix specially for this event. Thanks to the festival, spectators will be able to discover it Don’t Seek: Cosmic Denial Dr Adam McKay, God’s hand Di Paolo Sorrentino and others the missing daughter by Maggie Gyllenhaal. If the ticket office is not yet open, then there is no doubt that the festival will delight movie fans.

Netflix in the cinema!
This is not the first time that Netflix has worked in association with Institut Lumière. October, During the Lumiere FestivalLyonnais . has already been discovered Four films included in the event program. God’s hand And the missing daughter It will be broadcast again in preview to viewers. chiaroscuro by Rebecca Hall and dog power By Jane Campion, the Prix Lumière 2021, now available on the platform, has been selected to join the programme. An opportunity for viewers to discover or rediscover the following works in a completely different atmosphere: cut for woman de Cornel Mondrocho, Malcolm and Mary by Sam Levinson, The hardest they fell By Jeymes Samuel or even comet Dantoine Fuqua.

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> Netflix Film Club, December 7-14, at the Institut Lumière, Rue du Premier Film, Lyon 8NS
> Don’t miss the ticket office opening day Lumiere Institute website

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